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Training of Trainers in Alexandria

Six Saturdays, five hours per day - in February & March 2016

What the Program offers


  • Principles of training and facilitation

  • Process designs 
  • Preparation & impacting groups
  • Presenting and the art of feedback 
  • Presencing & theories of change
Inspiration and and resources
The training content is inspired by several thinkers in the field of training, facilitation and leading change, amongst whom: William Isaacs, Otto Scharmer, Peggy Taylor & Charlie Murphy, Daniel Pink, David Whyte and Brene Brown. 
What you get:
  • 6 sessions on a Saturday (starting in February)
  • In between week assignments
  • 2 follow-up meetings
  • Theory training manual 


Who is it for? 


This training is both for experienced professional trainers, as well as for people that are starting out on the discovery of this fascinating profession. Yet whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever situation you find yourself in, your life matters and bringing your perspective and experience to this course will be essential in making it an inspiring and enervating course


The course will be conducted in English. Therefore basic English proficiency is required. 

Key Themes per Session
The programme comprises of basic Key Themes in a flow consistent with the Inside Out model, so that each of them can be considered in sequence, in a way which is designed to be easy to understand. If needed, the actual programme structure can be changed, but it is important to cover the central themes as listed below as they are all complementary pieces of a larger picture: each section supports the other aspects of the programme. If you apply, you will receive a more detailed outline of the sessions.
The themes of the programme are designed around the following themes. Each session will be five hours, with breaks in the middle. 
Session 1: Introduction to ToT and Principles of facilitation 
Session 2: 'Presencing', Process & Intent
Session 3: Preparation & Communication 
Session 4: Structuring Sessions and Theories of Change
Session 5: Using tools: Games and Exercises 
Session 6: Open session, based on need and close


General Structure per session

Every element is woven into the overall programme and the experiential learning cycle exists on every level through the 6 weeks. The course is designed to help people explore, understand and practice facilitating. Each session is comprised of the following elements, the length of whom will vary per day:
1. Tuition (theoretical understanding is a start) 
2. Practical experience (through team-tasks and exercises) 
3. Reflection (looking at what we notice about ourselves and others) 
4. Dialogue (deepening understanding by sharing) 
5. Personal stories (learning from and about each other) 
This structure is designed to give you the maximum opportunity to understand the programme material through your own experience as well as to really meet one another.


  1. Grow your training and facilitation skills!
  2. Learn cutting edge training knowledge and theory! 
  3. Refresh the passion in your work!
  4. Give yourself six weeks of an educational weekend!

Duration: 6 Saturday's

13, 20, 27 February, 5, 12 & 19 March

Time: 13.00 - 18.00 


Location: Wekalet Behna, Manshia, Alexandria


Fees: 1200 EGP

For more information:


This programme is supported by: Wekalet Behna and Gudran for Art and Development. 

Apply here! 
By answering the following questions.
There is a free introduction Seminar on Sunday the 24th of January in Granada Cafe in Downtown, Alexandria!

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