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It is impossible to not have an impact!                        (whether you like it or not)

Team & more

Working as international consultants, facilitators, and social innovators we dedicate our work to creating a more fair, sustainable and joyful world through business, innovations in government, and civil society organizations. We serve courageous individuals, groups and organizations that want to grow their creative potential, leadership ability and impact. 


We mainly work in Europe (The Netherlands) and the Middle East, where on project basis, we work in short or long-term alliences with local business and organisations. 

Daria Ofman

Strategy consultant, social innovator and facilitator

It's not easy to keep up with Daria but it's worth it! Over the past year alone this political science and international law grad has been asked as consultant, facilitator, program designer and speaker for numerous projects and events from Scotland to Egypt, and Portugal to Qatar.

With her multicultural background and having lived in the Netherlands, India and Egypt, she easily connects with people everywhere. Her broad work experience and being based in Egypt for the past 6 years, has allowed her to build an extraordinary professional network of clients and partners along with a strong portfolio.

Daria has designed and facilitated multiple leadership programmes, ToT's, dialogue, strategy and monitoring sessions. She has been connected as Executive Manager to the Middle Middle East Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) in Cairo. In the past she has worked for IMI (instutute societal innovation in the Netherlands), founded the leadership foundation Sunryse and is fluent in English, German, Arabic and Dutch. As we said, it's not easy keeping up with Daria but she manages to do all this and still always has time for a cup of coffee.

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Maral Khajeh

A contagiously passionate legal consultant

Maral is a real communicator and belongs to the most passionate, driven and diverse of the legal professionals. After studying law she taught as a lecturer at the VU University of Amsterdam and worked as a senior research associate with the Public International Law and Policy Group in The Hague. She is also the co-founder of the Young Professional Research Initiative. 


As a creative motion-maker, researcher and facilitator, she is driven by building inter-religious relations through facilitating genuine human encounters and creative workshops. She is at home in many cultures and lives in Amsterdam where she currently focusses on supporting social innovators, theatre productions and immigration issues. She is fluent in Dutch, English and Farsi, with her Arabic is improving rapidly.


She also focusses on media and leadership in organisations and legal institutes, where she designs social media campaigns and consults about Public Relations strategies and implementation in project management.

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Work We Love!

Looking for inspiration? See here a list of books, references, clips and other work that we love and work with. 

Partners and organisational friends

We like to work with diverse people and partners from all around the world. Here are some of the partners in Egypt, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe that we work with, in consortium, contracted or partner basis. 

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