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What would you do if you were not afraid? 

What we do

For companies. 

We support organisations to become more purpose driven, creative, effective, and alive. We jump in to align organisational strategies with learning and development through training, workshops and coaching. We consult companies and groups to shape their strategy so that people grow their potential to create, work together and take larger responsibility. We offer strategic advice and tailored experiential training courses as trainers, consultants, researchers and occasionally interim management. 

For individuals and groups.

We organise active trainings on leadership development,  teambuilding, coaching and Training for Trainers. Either in-company or through open courses. So far we facilitated programmes in Greece, England, Scotland, Portugal, Qatar, Egypt and the Netherlands. We are available for trainings and projects all over the world, and work with varying alliances of people based on location (country) and area of expertise.

For society.

Social innovation for us means increasing the well-being of people and planet. Or social projects ranged from a water management learning exchange between the Dutch and Egyptian Delta, to leadership training for Egyptian cultural managers, from supporting small businesses in the creative industry in Alexandria, to capacity building with social workers in Amsterdam. 


With whom we do

These are some of the clients that we have worked with.

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