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HR Strategic Consulting 

A HR strategy is the most important strategy paper in an organisation. People in the end must do the work. Together we can look at (re)shaping your HR strategy so that the skills, aspirations and recourses of people are optimised for them and the organisation.

Executive & Individual Coaching

Sometimes it is needed to look back and reflect on what you are doing, how you are doing and why. Personal coaching can help to gain fresh insight on the issue and some distance from day-to-day rush.


Public Speaking

For events, kick-starts or annual returns. I am happy to share stories or experiences on all issues regarding organisational development, humans, systems and how I see them. There is also a large poor of beautiful people with fascinating viewpoints I can reccomend. 

Leadership Development

Reading on leadership is like reading on dancing. It doesn't work. Through experiential workshops we simulate situations, practice reflection, look at personal strengths and build on them. Every individual has the ability to step up and take responsibility beyond their imagination. In these workshops we practice and experience what it means to listen, serve and lead. 

Process Design

If not designed, processes just happen without being able to stear them or understand why they happen. Aligning process to goals is the focus of every good process design. Paying attention to how they are shaped, saves time, headtrouble and resistance afterwards. 

Train the Trainers

These are programs designed for trainers and facilitators in holistic delivery, enganged learning and experiential processes. It is about all know-how of a trainer. Sometimes I do this inside companies, but I also provide trainings with open perscription, see agenda for the next one. 


I work with companies, groups/alliences and individuals in areas of the following.

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